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Amy Richards MSW Candidate, M.Ed., B.Com.

Master of Social Work Student

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Amy Richards MSW Candidate, M.Ed., B.Com.

Master of Social Work Student

After over a decade at the University of Toronto providing coaching support to MBA students, I’m obtaining a Master of Social Work to broaden my skill set to include therapeutic work. I lean most heavily on the Internal Family Systems framework, augmented by training in Solution-Focused Counselling and Coaching, and Dialectical and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy to help people live more connected, joyful lives.

I possess extensive experience supporting clients of diverse races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, and religions, including neurodivergent individuals, to navigate life challenges. As the mom of a child with a significant disability, I’ve endured the relentless battles to overcome unjust societal structures, providing me with a deep respect for other populations struggling to rise above biased systems.

I believe that all thoughts, behaviours and emotions are understandable when considered in context. People use diverse coping mechanisms to get through life and for good reasons. By understanding and approaching our reactions with compassion, we can pave the way for positive change, without relying on willpower, which is often in short supply during tough moments. I help my clients access the curiosity needed to make positive shifts and live life with more ease. We all have an innate ability to heal. I’ve experienced it myself, and I’m certain you can, too.

I don’t believe that therapy needs to be hard work. My development as a therapist has been influenced profoundly by my own therapeutic journey. For me, good therapy has felt like a weight lifting from my shoulders, sometimes slowly, but still lifting. Everyone deserves a genuine and kind space to work through whatever brings them to therapy. I’ve often been told by clients that I’m genuine, down to earth, and funny (sometimes) and I commit to using these traits to help you feel comfortable during our ‘get to know you’ phase!

Amy Outside of Session

I’m the mom of two neurodiverse kids and together, we overcome the challenges of living autism in a neurotypical world or strive to radically accept that we can’t! We’re happiest when camping in Ontario Parks and when we don’t step on the Lego that covers our living room carpet. I recently learned how to use power tools and can often be found making a mess of a DIY project, but enjoying the creative process nonetheless.